Shades of a Crying City

Shades of the Crying City

Withering leaves and dusty pavements,

Our shoes shuffle to the dry winds of our busy lives.

Little grey clouds, shower our faces with gloom,

Observing the mundane and the course language of the Streets.

Singing tunes of gunshot wounds,

the melody of dancing thieves stealing the night.

We are all on a rampage to find the meaning,

To find the meaning of this dark life.

Crimson tides and velvet lights,

Police are busy trying to capture,

trying to capture this deadly night,

The horses of dangers running from corner to corner,

Like a midsummer’s night, without the dream.

The scoffers of rebellion, listening to the racing fires,

The racing fires of the bullet trains.

Hitting the robber, the thief of the night,

Organized crime in this righteous night.

Where or where is this crying city?

We keep ignoring that it’s still bleeding,

Where or where is this dying city?

Everybody’s lying, nobody else is thinking.

Who will sweep the heart of this city?

The one that grooms and loves its pity.

What will become of this crying city?

No one knows that where there’s no compassion,

People think it’s silly.

I put a rose on the grave stone of this place,

There was just too much sadness,

Too much sadness on it’s face.

Why oh why is the crying city dead?

No one wants to believe that this crying city bled.

What more can we bring to this death back to life,

Nothing… nothing…

Let it rest while we fight.

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T. All Rights Reserved.

This poem I wrote a long long time ago. I think it was about 7 years ago. I was digging for something else and found this one so I just wanted to share this one with you. It was written at a time when I was contemplating the level of corruption in major cities such as Detroit, New York etc including Toronto and many other parts of the world. I was sitting in my criminology class as I wrote this so I still feel the same as I did back then when I wrote it. It’s not the greatest think I`ve written but I still enjoy reading it every now and again. Registered & Protected


4 responses to “Shades of a Crying City

    • Haha well thanks Gabby 😀 Because I know that it’s old, I guess I thought to myself “what in the world was I thinking when I wrote this?” I’m relieved that someone likes it *phew* lol 😉

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