Torment in the Shadows

Torment in the Shadows


Looking into that troubled water,

I step into the shore of the ocean of hidden dreams and desires.

Seduced by the searing pain of your beauty,

The towns and cities collide.


Wails of confusion contort the mystery of your story,

When I hear your shrilling cry.

I bathed in your sorrows till that morning,

You opened up the sky.


No more forests of your delusions,

Will I continue to bare,

You’ve sung your hymns, you’ve played your flutes

But never did you bid me a goodbye.


Must I miss that graceful love,

That tortured me inside.

Must I seek that futile smile,

That one you used to lie.


You are such a sickening glow,

Which trick each heart and mind,

You gave me flowers, you gave me moons,

You gave me hate, I knew that was your desire.


Your embrace is like a lost train,

That never is sincere,

But when you laugh and  when you cry

Your face looks far from here.


That rescued soul that lost itself,

Did you not hear my voice,

I showed you mercy, I showed you grace,

But all you did was spit on my face…

Do you believe I deserve such a disgrace?


I long for you, I am your love,

But you have deserted my plans.

A whisper to you, and hold on to you,

Until you see this place.


I will prosper you, I will not harm you,

I have so much to give.

You break like a leaf, you tremble like a snow flake,

Because I can forgive.


(c) 2012 Sherline N.T. All Rights Reserved.

Another Poem that I wrote a long long time ago…I think this one is 6 years old. I’m still amazed to find out what was going through my mind from back then. I guess for this one it was more like a contemplation between people’s relationship to God when they choose to ignore His heart and His voice. Torment in the Shadows is more of an illustration of ignorance to the truth that is not bliss. Registered & Protected


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