Anxiety Attack



My heart hinges,

as the wall in my chest collapses

Trying hard to breathe,

Gasping for air,

tears rolling down,

Panic happening,

not dispair,

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!

no air no air no air.

Body shaking,

mind racing,

heart pumping,

blood rushing,


throat constricting,

lungs heaving,

pressure rising,

pain emerging,

feelings suffering,

endless shivering,

clammy hands,

feverish fingers,

heaving breaths,

and yet someone whispers,

“It’s gonna be alright”,

“It’s gonna be alright”,

“Just hang on”.

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T.

I used to work as an exam invigilator in my University with students who had various types of disabilities  and some would have panic attacks during an exam. This poem is dedicated to those that suffer this. One girl I had writing an exam was crying so much over it but all she needed was affirmation and encouragement that she could get through the exam. Technically, it’s not my job to comfort someone since my job is to watch over them writing an exam, but I decided to stay with her even after my shift was over just to comfort her to get through the exam. She’s a brilliant mind and yet she suffers from panic attacks that sweep over her because of intense anxiety.  Sometimes, all people need is a helping hand and a compassionate heart. Registered & Protected


One response to “Anxiety Attack

  1. Bless you for staying with that anxious girl in that exam room! You are being richly blessed to this very hour, I am confident! When a young adult woman, I must have had some hormonal maladjustments, because that was the only time in my life when anxiety plagued me and sort of sickened me. Thanks Be to God those days are long past; and I am able to use those experiences in comforting younger women friends to this day!

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