Thought for the Day: Running the Distance

Do not compare your journey with anothers when you haven’t learned to take the first step. ~Me

Sometimes people get too caught up in watching how someone else is progressing in life and in some cases some people can get envious at another persons accomplishments because of the lack of focus on self-development and introspection. Being jealous of another won’t help you progress in life when you cannot appreciate what it took for the other person to get to the place that they have reached on their own journey.  You cannot fill the shoes of another person’s destiny if you haven’t even taken the first step to walk a mile in your own destiny. People should learn to focus on what they have to do for themselves to achieve success rather than remaining stagnant in their jealousy of other peoples successes. You will acheive great things when you take the first step to recognize that only you can run your own course and take the distance to finish your own race. Focus on self-improvement rather than self-pity. You can only move forward when you take the step towards yourself. Registered & Protected


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