Wounded Heart

“Oh so transparent are you!”

the lonely flower,

with withered leaves,

transgressions laid below thy feet,

the sorrows mourning,

a soul that beat,

a smile faded

beyond the shadows near,

the frosted cover of a pale ice stone,

running for cover

to not break alone,

this arid desolation,

a mirage misplaced,

a river of tears,

a whispered groan,

a glass shard of broken bones,

of forgotten effervescence,

that has clouded the stars,

once set in her eyes,

with a moon eclipsed,

and a heart that’s died.

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T.

This was written as a reflection of the betrayal I felt last year by someone. The pain is subsiding but I cannot forget how it felt to feel this way.

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4 responses to “Wounded Heart

  1. I join Eric in empathizing with your experience. You know, we really ARE transparent in our heartbreaks and disappointments, especially to insightful souls that we are abundantly blessed with here in our wonderful blogging community. May you be held in God’s bosom today for refreshment and strengthening.

    • Thank you for your encouragement Granbee. I feel happier with these words. Healing seems like a long drawn out process but I Know by faith I’ll get there 😀

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