Thought of the Day – Key of Courage

A coward remains a bondaged slave to fear when they throw away the Key of Courage. ~ Me

Facing what you fear is the strength behind being courageous. Sometimes we cower behind false imaginations of impending doom that lock us in a state of paralysis which disables us from reaching out for help or stepping out of our comfort zones. Choose courage over cowardice because it is only then that you can free your mind and yourself from Fear itself. I know that it’s easier said than done, but better done than said if you want to expand your world and discover new places.  Courage allows for the adventure of discoveries whereas fear disables an “able person” and ultimately traps them in the comfort zone of futility.

~~~~Food for thought. Registered & Protected


2 responses to “Thought of the Day – Key of Courage

  1. As FDR exhorted the American people in World War II: “We have nothing to fear but Fear itself.l” Wonderfully encouraging post here today, nightshade.

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