Thought of the Day: Spontaneity – Creative Power

You can discover more of your abilities and capabilities by being spontaneous and taking a nose dive into adventure. ~Me

Sometimes we get too engrossed with the vicissitudes of life that we start to get comfortable with the mundane. I say, “be spontaneous!”, have a little adventure and step out of that boring state of mind and explore something new. This act of spontaneity should be of course done in wisdom, preparation and of course with the purpose to discover and stimulate inspiration to your soul. Put your hand up for something you’d never volunteer to do, step out into something you’d never consider doing, Get out into places you’ve never dreamed of going and be spontaneous. You will know more about yourself when you do things that you’ve never considered trying to do. The point is to discover more about yourself and learning to expand your horizons to new avenues of thought, creativity that brings about personal change that is tranformational and inspirational.  You need a spontaneous boost of adventure to charge up creative power in your soul, so stop thinking about it and just go out there and do it!

~~~~~ Food for thought. Registered & Protected


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