Forgiven Memory

As the eagle of  dreams

sweeps down to nestle in my thoughts

of a memory long forgotten

a contrite and searing pain

of a love that once died

can no longer revive,

and has buried itself with the ashes

of yesterdays sorrow,

of weeping that endured the night,

that the eagle will one day

rise and soar beyond the skies

of a distant hope

of a memory brought back home.

It was within this moment that

I tried to forgive you,

but my memory

remained in its nest,

and the eagle that soared away

flew back to what remained,

a memory trapped in time,

a bitter-sweet retribution

of an anguish that settled in its feathers

that laid within the heart,

of a soaring eagles wing,

that once soared beyond the sky.

“Give way! Oh Hope of Rain!”

for that solitary union,

of droplets that meet the sand

of a past engraved on land,

is now washed away,

A memory fading slowly,

into the mist of the forgotten,

“Yes, yes, I have forgiven” 

the depth of love evolving,

into a rainbow of colours,

streaming with a pure life gleaming,

as the eagle flies beyond

as it soars far far away,

never looking back

as it leads itself astray

as its shadow says to me

“I have longed to say goodbye”.

(c) Sherline. N.T Registered & Protected


2 responses to “Forgiven Memory

  1. ““Yes, yes, I have forgiven”

    the depth of love evolving,

    into a rainbow of colours,

    streaming with a pure life gleaming,”

    I have never read a more beautifully worded stanza of forgiveness than this one, Sherline! The colors in the eagle wings reflect the light refracted into the promising rainbow by the loving memories with no negativity attached. This indeed permits gleaming new life. Wonderful. Bless you!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments Granbee. I’m still exploring my heart and trying to convey it properly. Forgiveness feels like streams of color that block out the grey and black of bitterness. God Bless 😀

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