Thought of the Day: Running from Destiny

Running away from destiny is like running away from yourself because it is part of your identity; if you don’t stop running, you’ll lose sight of who you are and chase after an aimless dream. ~Me

People must come to the realization to accept who they are and not run from who they are meant to be. It is a terrifying thing to embrace ones destiny but it is even more terrifying to avoid it. By doing so, you will land in a place filled with escapism that doesn’t draw you anywhere closer to revealing who you were meant to be and takes you further to places that isolate you from the truth of your identity. You will feel lost and alienated because you have embraced fear over courage to face reality and be who you were born to be. Don’t choose to run away from destiny and choose to run into it instead. I can assure you, that when you run into your own destiny, you will encounter yourself.

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3 responses to “Thought of the Day: Running from Destiny

  1. Run right up into the arms of God: that is our true destiny. We will definitely encounter many sub-destinies of great joy He has waiting for us along the way.

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