Eyes wide shut,

are left wide open,

to a tired gaze

longing for slumber

that seems but distant

to the heavy weight

of thought left upon my shoulder

the blanket of emotions

wrap me in a daze

as I gaze eternally to

the irridescent truth

that is captured in the

vision of my dream

to see something surreal

flutter away like a lucid dream,

an imagination so clear

and a world dozing,

in the ignorance of a time

that is yet to come.

Cloud my eyes so I can sleep

to the peace that fails to come

when my heart is beating like a drum

yearning for the stillness

of an encroaching

mirage that has filled

my sight with a picture of tomorrow

as the sun begins to rise

waking me further

to the dawning of a new Morn’.

(c) 2012 Sherline. N. T. Registered & Protected


2 responses to “Insomnia

  1. Our rest is in Him, in our lying down and in our rising. The faulty synapses of our brain, as picture here, do lead us a merry dance, do they not?

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