Forgetting You Slowly

What is your name???

Charlie, Mother.

Charlie… do I know you???

I’m your Son.

Really? *Smile*

I didn’t know I had a son.

You have a daughter as well.

Really? *smile*

What is her name?


Rebecca, what a lovely name *smile*


I’m sorry, what is your name?


Really? *Smile*.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. Registered & Protected

This unconventional poem is dedicated to those who have loved ones who suffer from Alzhiemers Disease. It is a painful journey to live through it but I have seen many who never gave up on their loved ones even during their last hours.



3 responses to “Forgetting You Slowly

  1. Bless you for remember in poetry all the families with Alzheimer’s in their midst. How wonderful to commemorate their unabating love and devotion.

  2. This was a wonderful poem Sherline and so touched my heart. Thank you for writing and sharing! Autumn and I had our Uncle Tony sticken with Alzheimers and it was easy to love him, but also sad when he didn’t remember. We lost him several years ago, but it is comforting to know he is now with God.

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