Obessessed Regret

He gazes at her with longing,

to touch, to hold in a sweet embrace,

knowing that her heart is now distant from him,

she has moved on to the landscape,

that crafts her closer to the reality,

that his love was never fully there for her,

and he cries inwardly with a deep seeded

regret of his own doing,

she smiles with a heart forgiving him of the past,

while all the while he knows that what’s done

can never be undone,

and he whimpers inside himself

with a sorrowful grief,

at the loss of a treasure he chose not to value,

that has buried his heart into a deep cavern

cascading over an open grave.

As he watches her sail away into the foriegn horizon,

where another has caught her gaze,

for the other man receives her in fullness,

holding fast to her like a valuable ruby,

More like an answer to a lost dream.

The man that is left now sits condemned in his regret,

is wrapped with a mummified shroud,

of a coldness, a bitterness for his mistake,

of losing that precious and endearing love

left to reminice of her as he remembers how

She is a gentle dove with a heart so pure,

and he is but an open tomb,

confused in his regret he obsessess to possess

her heart that yeilded to him from a time past,

Not noticing that she has already been set free,

from the shallowness of a broken-heart.

An empty relationship that only existed in her own mind,

as she soon realises and is now awakened, 

to find that only she had to learn to survive this broken fate,

a loveless communication of unrequited emotions,

abandoned by his lies and blinded by his sweet nothings,

she escapes into the sun that bathes her with her freedom,

to never look back at the tomb,

of a skeleton that now remains,

for she has found a true love that came and set her free,

to believe in a love that is real,

and never unveiled but revealed.

The man of Regret,

He steps forward with many words of sorrow,

trying to claim her heart once again,

forgetting ever so quickly,

that she can already see the truth between his lies,

and he continues to chase after her,

 as she speedily walks away,

yet dimly he traverses over an empty hope that is

unyielding to his persistance to lay ahold of her.

After discovering the dream of what he lost by his own doing,

by his betrayal, his regret tortures his soul,

as his hunger ravenously leads him on,

to pursue her with a grevious lust left in his gaze,

and with an unrelenting zeal to chain her,

to hold her down to him,

he is now blinded by the evil of his tainted desire

that chose to lock him still.

The sadness of this love-story,

is how the man with regret has come to know,

What love is and was and now is forever gone,

and ending that bad fortune has foretold.

Unable to assess that why she left

was not because he had chosen to abandon her first,

and yet he stalks her like a prowling lion,

not realizing he could never love her in the end.

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T.  

MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & Protected


4 responses to “Obessessed Regret

  1. This level of obsession and stalking is frightening when it happens in real life. I have been counseling someone who meets the description of this selfish lover to a “T”. Your poetry does an excellent job of capturing this type of inward-directed love.

    • It was quite a frightful piece because it seems so real to me. I’ve seen things in relationships that spiral down this craze phase that seems to be something that I needed to capture properly looking at both sides of the story. I wasn’t sure if I should post it or not because it is such a dark poem and yet, it speaks of a reality that is experienced in violent relationships or relationships that ended badly. A stalker is the last thing a person needs after all is said and done and yet, they exist in the fabric of our society. Thanks for reading Granbee 😀

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