Precipice of the Valleys of Sand

Winds howling in this searing sun,

I stood at the precipice of the Valleys of Sand,

Where kings and noblemen have all but one,

Road to cross on this Valley so grand,

So vast are you from far and wide,

I thirst to quench my soul that’s dried,

In this mirage of heat, every pearl in sight,

My vision blurred in this sunlit plight,

“Oh Sahara, Your dunes are so deep!”

I long for water, running through this sleep,

I walked to the precipice of this Valley of Sand,

My heart awakened, I give up with my hand,

To you that has shown me an endless face,

I sit and brood in my new found grace,

To find that you are a wonderous land,

I thank you my precipice for this Valley of Sand.

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T. Registered & Protected





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