It’s a LEAP YEAR!!!!!

It just dawned on me that 2012 is a Leap Year. Wow…where am I in the whole grand scheme of things? Obviously not all there lol. Well, dispite this delayed epiphany what does that mean exactly??? What happens during a leap year anyway apart from the fact that February has an extra day after 3 years in waiting lol.

It means you leap into new channels of Destiny, Opportunities, New Connections, New Experiences, New Knowledge, New Love, New everything that flows from Above. Keep Hope alive and Keep being alive, Keep positive, Keep Happy, Keep Focused and Enjoy the Journey. Forget your troubles, forget your problems, for they do not outweigh the new things that will come your Way. Remain Happy and learn to love and be loved in order for the world to become Love.

It is a special year and I want to Leap for Joy so I will do so with a short poem from Me to You.

Leap In

Leaping into,

 a new grand year,

of a tomorrow,

 that we awaited Today,

May the joy,

 of yesterday remain,

and continue foward,

as your Path makes way.

Put away mourning,

Sunshine dries the rain,

I know you’ve been brooding,

All day in pain.

But today has come,

and tomorrow will too,

For all you have  done,

Will leap this year through.

I grant you a peace,

I grant you a hope,

I grant you a Love,

that’s about to unfold.

Remember that you

are loved Today,



Including Yesterday.

Yesterday was,

a simple child’s play,

for you to enjoy,

What’s coming your way.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. Registered & Protected


5 responses to “It’s a LEAP YEAR!!!!!

    • LOL I didn’t think about that at all lol. So true. I think I’d change the kids birthday to either Feb 28th or March 1st. I’ve always wondered about that. Good observation Roger. 😀

  1. The very best use of the words “Leap Year” I have ever read or heard. This is very masterful, Sherline! All we have done leaping this year through–WOW. Brilliant!

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