Fighting Seed













The drought that followed the dusty

trail of shipwrecked dreams

brought upon a lengthy despair

that clouded the vision of a fighting seed.

No drought could cast a shadow on this seed

that was birthed to bring forth a new hope

so true and real that though surrounding it

may be packed with ravenous savages,

the fighting seed remained

incumbated in the dusttrails

 that people have long forgot.

A famine in the land

and this seed with a very

small and definitive voice

cries out in the wilderness

while others seek to bury

 their sorrows in the sand

and their grief-stricken hearts

 now devoid of a hope,

as tears shed no light

in this seething darkness.

Though this seed was left forgot,

the people shrouded themselves

 in misery and self-pity,

while all along, a miracle had began

as this fighting seed

that had remained dormant for so long

during this desolate famine,

had began to sprout

A wing or two of leaves

that brought upon

a new hope.

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T. All Rights Reserved. Registered & Protected



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