Thought of the Day: Live Each Moment


We have to learn to live each moment for what it is because we cannot erase our yesterdays but we have the ability to map our tomorrows today.

 Time is indeed a river. There are ripples that cannot be stilled once left in motion but if we are on a boat, we can chart the course by allowing ourselves to steer ourselves in the right direction, away from danger if close to the stumbling blocks left in our paths to shipwreck our dreams. We will not always travel on still waters and expect smooth sailings, because there will always be tides in our lives, but when you are anchored to something Divine that takes you forwards to your destiny, it can only be God that calms the storms we encounter in our lives that prevail to shipwreck our dreams and prevent progress.

Live each moment and do not passively go with the flow with everything that you meet along your journey because a rudder is built to change a boats direction so allow yourself to chart yourselves towards safety and yes even if it means, going through a storm to get to that place, you must sail on. Each moment in Time is dependent on where you choose to steer the ship of your dreams. Don’t allow the rocks to shipwreck you, don’t fear the storms in your path for they won’t capsize you because something is holding your boat together and it’s God. He will direct you to the plans of your dreams so steer towards the direction of your dreams and fear not the dark clouds along the way because there will always be a calm after the storm. Live it through and chart towards your Destiny. The only way a boat moves is FORWARD. Registered & Protected



4 responses to “Thought of the Day: Live Each Moment

  1. Using the boat’s rudder to find new places, avoid rocks, and steer through life’s storms: such wonderful metaphors here, as is the powerfully stormy, rocky sea holding that venturer in the small boat in your illustration here. Thank you! Most inspirational.

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