A vision so crystal and so clear

muffled by the distracting sounds that

contort the picture of a true image

that completes the colours of destiny.

From eye to eye and ear to ear,

the lumination of a warm summers day,

The path outstretched by guiding hands

that take me to that pleasant place.

an already prepared land,

with bountiful treasures yet to be discovered,

I stand in awe at this panoramic pew,

of a road less taken with a grandiose view,

of a plan set in motion,

as I step into the picture,

painted for me there,

I will complete the masterpiece,

that will one day be hung,

in the throne-room of galleries,

for others to stare.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved. Registered & Protected


2 responses to “Panorama

  1. So beautiful, Sherline…words filled with hope and positivity…even I search for this vision of yours….

    • Thank you Pawan.
      I know it is difficult in this world to see the positive, but when we see it in our hearts we can become what we wish to see. I will always believe that no matter what :).

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