Home of the Traveler’s Heart


Home of the Traveler’s Heart

What is Home to a traveler’s heart?

When you’ve seen hills, forests, plains,

deserts, clouds, rivers and canyons,

Where can you find that place,

that place that wants to rest?

The traveler’s heart is always on a journey,

riding the wheels of grand adventure,

sailing the winds to the east and to the west,

embarking on new territory,

 each wings set flight,

chasing the sunrise and the sunset and

longing for that moment of ecstacy

 to sail down to a place of tranquil peace.

The journey of a traveler’s heart,

seeks a home and yet finds none,

when toboganning emotions that give rise to the feeling

that everywhere is a new temporary dream,

a dream that keeps fleeting,

a dream that remains sleeping,

yielding to tomorrow and remembering the yesterdays,

living and capturing the now moments

as the wind sails away.

The traveler’s heart has only one desire,

that seeks a place to rest,

but its journey is an ongoing pillow,

that dreams of many dreams seeking for what’s best.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved.

This is actually a reblog from my other Blog http://nightshade130.wordpress.com/. I thought I’d place it here since it’s more appropriate.

This one is more of a reflection on how I’ve traveled a lot in my life time during my childhood.I have lived in several places that I sometimes feel like I can’t get settled in one place for too long because of the constant moving from place to place that I experienced in my childhood. I have lived where I am now for a few years but sometimes I find myself feeling anxious  and at timesI  sometimes think of wanting to pack it all in and move to another place or another country altogether and live there until I feel like moving yet again. I know it’s not healthy to be a country-hopper but my globetrotting childhood has left me feeling kind of homeless in a sense even though I’ve now settled in one land, my heart is still one that loves to travel and not remain in one place for too long. I don’t feel at ease and still feel like leaving to find that perfect “home” for me. Home is indeed where the heart is and for me, my heart is in another country. It has been hard to settle to one permanent home for such a long time after living in so many places that were called “home” to me but only temporarily. I realize that I do need to be stable and settle so this poem is a reflection of all those feelings that I have left in turmoil within myself.  



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3 responses to “Home of the Traveler’s Heart

  1. I prefer to travel allot. Not in a literal sense but even if i am in a city, I will just switch apartments…LOL.
    Beautiful poem and I like that you described the inspiration for the poem. ♥

    • Thanks Bpm! I think I’m much the same because even I who has lived in my apartment for about 3 years now feels like moving yet again lol and in the same city 😉

  2. Bless you for sharing so honestly and lovingly your heart’s yearing to find your “true” home! These lines especially touched me:

    “when toboganning emotions that give rise to the feeling
    that everywhere is a new temporary dream,”

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