Monologue: The Farmer and the Farmer Boy

Monologue: The Farmer and the Farmer Boy

Hail here lass!

Take the fork and

gather ye the hay.

Take a gander at the the geese

who squawk yonder in the field

searchin’ far ‘n’ wide fer

that golden egg that

was but stolen yesterday.

Son, be careful that no coyote,

be sprawlin’ near the yard,

Your a farmer’s boy and I expect

no different from ya.

You special ‘cuz the work of the small

is the work of the grand,

and I entrust in yer wee hands,

the treasures of the toil and trouble,

but don’t fer-get that son!

I have many things I need fer yee to get done.

But know this, that I have taken account

of all yer works and I will reward you

openly fer all the stuff ye did in secret.

Thank ya ma boy!

You’s a dime a dozen!

Yer the child I wish a father coulda had.

Yer special, Yer wonderful,

and I love ya ma boy.

Yer harvest be lookin mighty fine

after the end of the day.

Keep expectin’ and the fields

will reap the benefits of yer hard work boy.

Keep on keepin’ on son,

yer a mighty lass.

Look yonder boy and check the fields

by the sunrise.

All this will be yours one day,

but fer now, work yer wee hands

until you know how to work them fields.

fer you know they be vast,

they stretch far and wide for my ol’ bones to keep track.

That’s ma promise from an’ ol’ man like me.

This will all be yours when I’m dead and gone

so work hard me boy, work hard!

You’s a farmer boy son, Ya heard?!

Work for yer reward son,

Work for yer reward,

‘Cuz it’s gonna be great by the time you’s be done.

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T. All Right Reserved.

So today isn’t much of a conventional poem persay and is more of a Monologue. It’s more like a conversation between an old Farmer with a hired help boy helping him work the fields of his farm. This encouragement that the old farmer gives to the young farmer boy is just a way of me characterizing the encouragement that our mentors sometimes provide in our lives. We work under those that help us shape our character and sometimes we might not like what we have to do, but whatever we do, we must do with sincere integrity of heart because we will reap the rewards of hard work one day including those also done in secret (meaning when no one is looking because it is the right thing to do).So one day, we reap the reward of our due diligence if we tend to the work set before us no matter what the challenges we face. We shouldn’t try to be showy in our efforts in order to reap a reward just to satify our ego, we should purpose to do things with integrity and eventually, our efforts will be noticed when we least expect it and blessings will pour out onto our lives when we work with excellence.

 Hope you enjoyed this Monologue. I tried to add an accent to it to give it more of a Character behind the old Farmer. Registered & Protected


5 responses to “Monologue: The Farmer and the Farmer Boy

  1. This was one of the most intelligently written pieces you have come up with yet Sherline! I can’t believe you wrote this…LOL. This was an awesome poem and I loved reading it with an accent. 😀

  2. As I read through this farmer boy poem, I could not help but think of Our Lord speaking to each of us to “bring in the harvest”. We ARE humble workers in His vineyards. This ol’ farmgirl very much appreciates your post here, speaking to the childish heart still beating in this 65 year old chest!

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