Irish Proverb of the Day: Home


Thomas Kinkade

Is leor don dreoilín a nead.
Translation: The nest is enough for a wren.
Meaning: Home is where the heart is.


7 responses to “Irish Proverb of the Day: Home

  1. I LOVE Irish proverbs…being Irish of course. Really love the art piece you picked too to go along with your words. THANK YOU too for your tribute to the Irish. LOVE following your blog btw. Best!

    • Thank you Peter! Your words bring a big smile to my face. I love proverbs from different countries. Irish ones are really interesting to read. I expect to bring many more new ones to come 😀


  2. Someone asked if I had a bit of Irish in me…not sure!. Living next door helps although I’ve never been next door…Now to some that may sound “Irish!”…anyway, Thanks Sherline for your thought today.
    You’re a blessing

  3. Yes, the nest is more than enough for wrens around my home this spring. I think the Thomas Kincaide cottage painting is a perfect choice to accompany this wonderful Irish proverb. Thank you!

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