The Dream Guardian

The Dream Guardian

The Dream Guardian

extends her bow towards

the dream thieves

that seek to rob from

the chosen ones,

the destined ones,

the freedom fighters.

The Dream Guardian’s

aim is swift and accurate,

Her arrows are always drawn

against the enemies of dreams.

*Bing* is the sound of her bow,

as each arrow wisps through the air

not missing its target.

The Dream Guardian,

the protector of the Chosen, 

Never accepts defeat as the final answer.

The Dream Guardian, 

is the defender of dreams,

Her heart is always shielded

with courage and purpose,

unwavering in her determination

to watch over the

Destinies of Dreams.

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T. All Rights Reserved. Registered & Protected


6 responses to “The Dream Guardian

  1. lovely…Dreams are real possibilities to conquer every path of fear…..Just imagine and the universe will work to provide you with happiness….
    a great poem…:)

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