Song Playing in My Head

Song Playing in My Head

There is a song that’s in my head

a tune so sweet it makes me free,

even when weariness tries,

to make me feel chained,

I cry out “I am Free!”

This song is stuck right in my mind,

I cannot get this sound out of my heart,

what a moving melody,

It makes me Sing “I am Free!”.

This playful harmony to me,

seems like a lovely lively dream,

a song full of warmth and grace,

It makes me dance “I am Free!”.

This Song is what has swung in me,

to dance upon my lighted feet,

as I move to its great thumping beat

I know that “I am Free!”.

And if you feel lost in your own world,

know there’s a song playing just for you,

it is a song that says that:

“I have come to you my dear child,

 so know you can say that I am Free!”

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T. All Rights Reserved. Registered & Protected


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