Oh lovely Aurora!

Vanquish the trembling beat in my heart

as I view this blackened night

with your banquet,

you serenade me,

from the East and to the West,

your rainbow ribbons

keep flying in the air,

leaving a trail less travelled,

I view your majestic veil,

Fluttering in the silence

you shimmer like an opal

how wonderous you are

to grace me with your glory

as you plant your memory in me

like a guiding light that shines the way

Oh Aurora so lovely,

 sprinkle your light once more,

for I shall dance, sing and celebrate,

 that you have chosen to shine right here.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved. Registered & Protected


5 responses to “Aurora

  1. The auroras this year were extra-spectacular! I feel these sentiments in my heart every time I view such a “northern lights” gift from God.

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