Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door

I stepped into the enchanting gates of Heaven,

and saw a world full of wonders.

full of dreams and no worries,

Where no troubles could I find in there at all…

I grabbed the key that led me to my dream door,

and opened to see treasures I’ve never seen before…

“Open up these gates of my true Heaven!”

“Share all your secrets to those that I adore!”

This is the country I know I can believe in,

the only place where I feel I was restored,

Singing harps, chiming chimes,

Trumpets roar and choirs draw,

that chanting  I hear is of many praises

and glories for all who’ve been reborn,

Enveloped by many many lovelies,

the angels and cherubs sweep across this entrancing floor,

Set on a Hill, high above the mountains,

I keep on strolling, while waves are rolling,

I know that I have found my Holy city,

I knew it once I stepped into Heaven’s Door.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved.

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