Autumn’s Redemption

Autumn’s Redemption

Out of Season are your leaves,

That crust the ground with your tears,

That assent to the change of the times,

Where your coloured maple leaves,

Have drowned to the sinew,

of a sombre timbre brown,

That crowd down below,

As a march towards the grave beds,

that lay in wait for you, 

So that you can take your rest,

Until the Winter’s chill passes,

You will lay buried in your rest,

So that when the dawning of your time comes,

When the Season of your slumber is done,

You will wake to Spring-bells call,

And renew your dormant strength,

To the flower of new births,  

That delight in your transformation,

of a dead thing brought back to life,

Answering to Redemption’s song.

(c) 2012 Sherline N.T. All Rights Reserved. Registered & Protected


3 responses to “Autumn’s Redemption

  1. So VERY delightful to read about the redemption of Autumn in springtime, which we are enjoying all around us now in the Northern Hemisphere! This poem is a lovely, gentle metaphor for what happens when we are born into New Life with Him!

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