Painting a Picture

painting by Josephine Wall

Painting a Picture

Today I painted a picture,

a picture for the world to see,

I used the colours of my canvas,

with swatches of emerald green,

and in this perfect-looking picture,

Violets and blues agreed,

as I painted this wonderful picture,

I could see visions, photos and dreams.

I painted to make you happy,

to drown the sorrows away,

I painted to make you joyful,

as all your sadness gets swept away,

I painted a glorious picture,

Where nightmares have no color here,

I painted a beautiful picture,

Where love and smiles appear,

Take a look at this dazzling picture,

and remember my signature here,

this will be your only one reminder,

that dreams become vivid visions so clear.

(C) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved.

I apologize for not having written a poem in a while. I’ve been soo busy and inspiration was kicking in but I had little time to put my thoughts on blog paper. Hope you all like this knew one 😀 Registered & Protected


9 responses to “Painting a Picture

  1. You are so gifted. You have captured my heart when the butterflies were painted…smiling Sometimes when we step back from the canvas beautiful things occur as this one. Nightmares have no color, now thats a inspiration post in the making.May I use this line?


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