Silent Whispers

Silent Whispers

The wind in the bamboo forest

whispers gentle words in my ears,

gliding from tree to tree,

sliding from leaf to leaf,

“Pray tell, what is this awesome message?”

a hallow sound and a tweeting passage,

of a very very old tale,

of summers gone,

and autumn trails,

with snowy gales,

“Oh Winds of glory, What is your story?”

You silently whisper,

Many words that differ,

I try to comprehend,

When surrounded by a cloud of witnesses,

the trees sway gently,

nodding as if to agree,

with the secrets of the breeze,

that glides so freely,

“Tell me wind, What is your story?”

“Stop being vain and show me your fury!”

but this gentle breeze,

does not answer to prideful questions,

for it is a humble blow,

of glorious suggestions,

This gentle breeze,

does not lie to me,

it just leaves me,

hanging with mysteries.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved. Registered & Protected

Have you ever felt like when you were waiting for an answer about a particular problem we get caught up with the busyness of life that it’s hard to find the solution in your problem. Sometimes being still to hear or to await the answer is more difficult than it seems and the bamboo forest depicts how busy our minds can be. Sometimes the answer will come to us when we wait with patience rather than force it by our arrogance. Humility is key in walking a path of wisdom. Answer appear when we stop and observe our surroundings, we will see what we missed and appreciate the solution when it reveals itself.


4 responses to “Silent Whispers

  1. great post Sherline! I also find myself getting so caught up that I cant see the problem clearly. so consumed that it becomes and stays foggy. No matter how much I try to think and pray on it. In one of those moments, a saying came to me. “Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem, is to take yourself out of the equation.” In other words. I let HIM deal with it.

    • I love that. “Taking yourself out of the equation”. It’s amazing how we love to add things up to make things make sense. Sometimes, the answer requires us to be out of the equation and letting God be the answer. Awesome thought Cloxdaabasentee! 😀

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