Wonderful Hallucination

Wonderful Hallucination

I saw what appeared to be a

a wonderful hallucination,

where reality spun around me,

like a ballerina’s dance at a recital,

the daydream coming more alive,

as I stepped into wishes that came true,

and walked on the grasses of my imagination,

I remained there in my trance,

as I yearned to dance on this beautiful path

that beckons me to stay,

where visions seemed like a mirage,

that I had yet to grasp in this hand of mine,

that rush away quickly,

as I was nudged back into my reality,

Oh what a simple

but beautiful dream.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved.

This poem is about me daydreaming. I think that daydreaming seems better than reality sometimes. It’s only when people snap you back into reality that you wish to stay in that state of dreaming. I’m sure we’ve all been there 😉

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