Wrestling Inner Demons

Wrestling Inner Demons

Look at  you!

Are you free?

Do you think

You can leave me?

I have trapped you,

In the sands of time,

When you look into that mirror,

You’ll see fear, tears, and horror,

Don’t worry…

I will not leave you my dear!

but you’ll continue to say,

that “the past is behind me…”

like a broken telephone,

trying to convince yourself,

that someone is on the other line…

Look in front of you!

and you’ll see…

I left a trail of open scars,

and broken shards,

for you and me,

You want to resist me…

but I’m locked in your memories!

And yet came forth,

A gentle breeze,

that sweeps over your shattered heart,

as you hear a soft-spoken but gentle sound,

He speaks to you in a mellow tune,

reaching for you as He calmly says,

“Don’t worry sweet angel,

You’ll soon be set free…”

When you look me in the face,

and finally see Me,

I will vanquish your sorrow,

and restore your beauty for ashes,

giving you all that you need,

to regain your will,

to live for tomorrow,

as you say goodbye to yesterday,

and by your  own strength

you will heal your fragmented soul.

(C) 2012 Sherline N. Tavaya

 MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & Protected
This is a poem dedicated to abuse victims whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or sexual abuse, every victim struggles with their inner demons of their past.  I can tell you that it’s not easy to face the past and when I look at what I endured as a kid, I can tell you that memories will always linger but they don’t have the power to trap you forever once you face them for what they are and release yourself from the anguish and pain by building self acceptance, forgiveness and self-forgiveness and learning to love yourself again. it can be quite fearful to look back and remember that which stirred up emotions of fear, hatred and pain. Sometimes we have to stare at fear  right in the face to release ourselves from being trapped by the past. Healing for such wounds is a life-long process, but it starts off with confronting the Truth. When you confront the Truth, you start the journey to your freedom.

4 responses to “Wrestling Inner Demons

  1. “…When you look me in the face,

    and finally see Me,

    I will vanquish your sorrow…”

    Wow, that jumped out at me like soda bubbles! Amazing, Sherline 🙂

    • I’m glad that it “jumped out at you like soda bubbles” :). You have an amazing way with words my friend. I’m gonna probably use that line on someone Margaret since that jumped out at me too lol ;).

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