The Valley Princess

 The Valley Princess

A daunting morning sprang,

for the valley princess,

who peers into the horizon,

that screams indecision,

with the fog clouding her judgement,

on the most important decision,

like a far away memory,

or a dreamscape filled with hidden traps,

concealing that which she knew

or ought to know …

now laid hidden beneath her kingdom,

she stands on the highest peak searching…

while grappling with confusion,

awaiting the eastern winds,

to blow into this hidden horizon,

as she peers right into the deep,

taking in a slow but giant breath,

to sing that now she sees the valley,

that once  lay concealed in the dark,

as this misty conclusion fades away,

the Valley princess draws nearer to her answer.

(C) 2012 Sherline N. T. All rights Reserved. Registered & Protected
This poem is about dealing with once emotions while in confusion and waiting until you are at peace with yourself and in a calm state to deal with the real issues one may be left hidden under the surface of things. We reason better when we are calm rather than agitated, angry or filled with fear and uncertainty. It’s all about obtaining emotional peace to receive and be of good counsel to someone or to yourself struggling with many questions and choices and life-changing decisions that can change and ultimately affect ones destiny. All decision must be made with a clear head and a pure vision.

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