Anywhere but here

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Anywhere but here

Alone in this still place,

her mind is at ease,

Memories erased…

her heart skips a beat,

She watches the tide

as it creeps in closer,

moving slowly…

and yet so foward,

Pacified by many traumas leap,

She steps on foward,

to her eternal sleep…

until she realizes,

she’s awake from her dream…

and returned to the nightmare

Where she failed to leave.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved.

Poem dedicated to Women and Children in domestic abuse situations. Love should never hurt and yet when it does…one may think that it’s better to be anywhere but here. Registered & Protected



5 responses to “Anywhere but here

    • Thanks PJ. I feel like the voice of the voiceless, the shout beyond the silence…that’s what this poem is like for me. Domestic abuse always leaves a trail full of tears. My heart is to voice this reality.

      God bless and thanks for visiting hun 😀

      • I truly understand where you coming from, I’m glad you wrote on the matter. My friend cousin bestfriend was in a abusive relationship and her life was tookin from her, so I was in your shoes, we have to be that voice for them. You very welcome, good to see you doing more poetry again.

        God Bless 🙂

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