I am amazed

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I am amazed at how a songstress weaves a tune that gathers such great momentum to capture the gaze of an entire audience that yearns to be entangled in the web of her song.

I am amazed at the hue of a summers dawn that creeps ever so slowly over the precipice of the horizon as it ambushes the shadows of the night with its over-glorious glow.

I am amazed at the heat trapped under the rainforests floor that engulfs the atmosphere in every corner and yet maintains the richness of its color to every creatures home.

I am amazed that when we think we see dimly in the hidden crevices of our minds, it is only through our hearts that is seems we can see things as a whole.

I am amazed that imagination seems to diminish with time as we learn more about reality when it is ‘reality’ that is used as an excuse to brush our imagination aside in another room where only memories are stored.

I am amazed at the thundering sounds of a waterfall that beats its waves against the rocks as the flowing streams meet many seas, rivers, oceans, estuaries, lakes and ponds.

I am amazed that the night sky is able to blanket the days worries with its darkness as it spreads its arms out wide sprinkled by the burning ambers that are lit as children in the skies dancing around till the early morn’.

I am amazed that a year can pass by so quickly and yet time seems so blaringly long when trapped in a cycle of monotony that continues day after day until we discover that it is “a routine”, is what this length of time is called.

I am amazed that as children we tend to seek to grow up quickly and yet when we finally reach that age of majority, we reverse our desires all of a sudden as we change our minds to revert back to the days where we yearn just us much as we did then, only for the days of our youth.

I am amazed at how we term a person’s good fortune as “grass that is greener on the other side” when we know that the color of grass is not determined by our own will, it is determined by the cycle that photosynthesis plays, governed by the principles of its Maker.

I am amazed to have journeyed this far in my life learning that you are never too young to be a philosopher; for philosophy never comes with an age limit, you are only too old as you imagine yourself to be.

I am amazed that as many answers we have  strived to confirm by our own human limited minds and abilities, we as people still find many many ways to create new questions that are also in need of answers that we assume we will be able to respond to all, as soon as we have juxtaposed an end to them.

I am simply amazed that simplicity isn’t quite so simple as we make things out to be in an oxymoronic kind of way, when everything in life is rather complicated simply put, we just simply have to learn to accept that.

I am amazed that I can go on forever telling you of how amazed I am, but time is relatively short so I will just tell you one thing that I wanted you to know…

I am amazed.

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved.

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11 responses to “I am amazed

  1. Your writing is so good, Sherline. You create moments and divide them to flourish under nature, thereby collecting oneness in each word. I’m amazed with this piece of your heart, it is your reflection of spiritual cadre.
    Pen is yours truly, Sherline.

      • I have always connected with you, Sherline. You are a beautiful soul. Write more pieces like this. 🙂

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