Tired of the ridicule,

Tired of the unwanted attention,

Solace seems to be the quiet place,

Peace seems like a foriegn language,

Spoken by the locals,

but practiced by the ostracized,

an imagined community,

and a dislocated conversation,

constantly feeling misunderstood. 

(c) 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved.

This poem is spun off from the types of feelings I had when I was a confused teenager. I think that teenagers feel isolated more as they emerge from the transition between being a child and then entering into adulthood. Sometimes the transition is smooth for some and sometimes it’s quite turbulent which was the case for me, but that’s something we all encounter at various stages in our lives. Eventually, there is a place where you find yourself which is a constant ongoing journey of self-discovery. 😀

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