The Storm Within



The Storm Within

The Storm within,

Is pressure built in a dark place,

Crumbling in fear,


Wondering in a far space,

Dreaming of a calm,

Before yielding to the storm,





And yet it is here,

Constantly thrashing,

Beneath Death’s doors,

Ceasing to relieve,

This entrapped soul,

Seeking to evade,

What they call the inevitable,

Only succumbing to that which is impossible,

Leaving no room for sanity’s embrace,

One peers out while locked within the prison bars of uncertainty,

With one left crouching hope,

Believing for the peace to come beyond this storm.

 © 2012 Sherline N. T. All Rights Reserved

This poem is dedicated to the people of the East-coast of America who are still suffering after hurricane Sandy and are now battling another hit after the northern-easter storm. May God be with you all.



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